I am currently running the following projects

FP7 ICT "Cognitive Systems and Robotics"


Micro-technologies and Systems for Robot-Assisted Laser Phonosurgery     

This project addresses the problem of endoluminal surgery of the vocal fold.

In this project, our contributions are:

  • a micromanipulator for steering a surgical laser from the tip of an endoscope;
  • high-speed high-accuracy guidance of the laser based on visual feedback.
µRALP concept

Robotic Manipulation of Active Gastro-intestinal MicroCapsules

This project addresses the problem of turning passive endoscopic capsules into actively controlled robotic capsules for better diagnosis.

In this project, our contributions are related to the control issues:

  • a multi-mobile coil approach to increase the manoeuverability of the magnetic guidance;
  • a control architecture for the cooperation within a pack of millimetric capsules.
µadagascar concept

ANR Labex ACTION, Demo 4

Smart Active Endomicroscope

This project adresses the problem of robot-assisted submucosal dissection.

In this project, our contributions are:

  • development of continuum microrobots with embedded micro-actuation;
  • use of optically coherent tomography (OCT) for the control of the endoscope.
Active Endomicroscope concept