Opportunities in medical microrobotics

If you are looking for a post-doctoral experience, a PhD, an internship (M.Sc. or other), you might be interested by the following  topics.

  • Control of a redundant system for contactless magnetic manipulation
  • Design, fabrication or control of micromanipulators and other intracorporeal mechanisms
  • Modelling nd control of tensegrity mechanisms
  • Fast visual servoing for surgical robotics
  • Visual servoing from OCT images
  • Computer vision for intracorporeal microrobotics
  • Mechatronic design of intracorporeal robots
  • Software/hardware integration
  • Biomedical robotic system calibration

This list is neither ordered nor exhaustive. It may vary with my current scientific activity and the obtained funds.
Do not hesitate to tell me about your scientific desires.

To apply, please send me a resume (CV) + motivation letter + academic record transcript over the last two years + any other relevant document.