PhD Theses

Nhat Binh Nguyen TRINH, A New Family of Multiphysics and Multiscale Models of MicroMirror Arrays, October 2021

Du KE, Building and analyzing processing graphs on FPGAs with strong time and hardware constraints, April 2018

Duc NGUYEN DUY, A software package for multi-scale modeling and design of arrays of micro and nano-systems with application to an array of micro-mirrors, March 2017

Quan DO HUU, Distributed Control by distributed computing, Jan 2016

Homan ISSA, Design and modeling of optimal configurable products in advanced CAD systems, Dec 2015

Gwenhaël Goavec-Merou, Coprocessor Generator for Data Processing of Video or Similar Fluxes, Nov 2014

Trang Thi Nguyen, A two-scale model for wave propagation in a bounded domain with periodic physical properties, Dec 2014

Bin Yang, Contribution to a kernel of a symbolic asymptotic modeling software, Dec 2014

Hui Hui, Contribution to a Simulator of Arrays of Atomic Force Microscopes, May 2013

Youssef Yakoubi, Two approximation methods for decentralized optimal control of distributed systems, 2010

Mahamane Kader, Contributions to Control of Distributed Smart Structures

Senouci-Bereksi Ghouti, Modelling, homogenization and implementation of a distributed control law for shell vibrations through a spatially distributed electronic circuit