Multidomain Platform for Integrated More-than-Moore/Beyond CMOS Systems Characterisation & Diagnostics (FP7, Oct. 2012 - Jan. 2016)

The principle goal of the NANOHEAT project is to develop, deliver and validate a miniaturized and integrated platform which provides a multidimensional nanoprobing capability for advanced thermal analysis at the nanoscale. The multi-functional system of independently controlled AFM-based nanoprobes, equipped with dedicated (focussed ion beam (FIB) functionalized) tips and actuators will allow for multi-domain diagnostics of nanoelectronic, nanophotonic and bio-electronic devices. The proposed system will allow to observe thermal, electrical (e.g. potential) or even chemical (e.g. electrochemical) properties at the nanoscale. It will also have in-line (on wafer) diagnostics capabilities.



Optimization, Simulation, Control & Application to a network of probes (French-Switzerland INTERREG IV Program, 2010-2013)

The main objective of the OSCAR project is the development of an instrument using an array of AFM probes that operate in parallel. The goal is to demonstrate that the prototype can acquire parallel AFM images with sub-nanometer resolution or force curves for the analysis of materials with a data acquisition rate of each probe that will tend to be comparable to that of a typical AFM. The project includes the development of modeling and control tools as well as a microfabrication process for the production of AFM probe arrays that is the heart of the instrument.



A two-dimensional model of coupled nano-resonnators. Funded by the LETI-CEA and the Carnot Institut, 2008.

Demonstrator for a software dedicated to Atomic Force Microscope Arrays design, Exploratory Project (CNRS- PEPS), 2007-2008.

Implementation of an optimal control law for MEMS Arrays law on FPGA, PPF MIDI (Distributed Microsystems), 2009.

Design and implementation of approximation of a multiscale method for microsystem arrays. BQR Université de Franche-Comté, 2012. Leader: Alain Giorgetti FEMTO-ST/DISC