Main thematics

My research interest is in micro/nano-fabrication, fluidics and optics and in the different ways they may play together. I generally pursue projects in MEMS and more precisely in microfluidics, MOEMS, photonics...

I work within the BioMicroDevices team at the MN2S department of FEMTO-ST Institute and particularly with the clean-room facility of MIMENTO.

The different topics I'm pursuing can be split along:

Diphasic micro-fluidics

droplet/bubble generation, surface tension sensor...


vibration/acceleration sensor, optical switch with moving waveguides, tunable photonic crystals...

Thin-film micromachined 3-D mirrors


refractive microlenses fabrication, microlenses metrology, micro-mirror for optical switch...

Micro/Nano-fabrication technology

one step etch and release DRIE process, nano-patterning techniques, thickness measurement sensor, tissue scaffold microfabrication...

Research students

The main supporters of my research results have been the students that I advised on their thesis work

  • PhD students (Country, Year started - Year defense)

    • Étude de l'interaction acoustique dans des émulsions et des mousses pour un capteur biomédical (Acousto-fluidics in water emulsion and foam for detection of bio-analytes) (France 11/2020 - 10/2023) (in collaboration with M. ADDOUCHE)
    • Dispositifs microfluidiques pour l’injection de fluides à travers un réseau de gouttes. Application biocapteur. (Microfluidic chips for fluid injection through a droplet network. Biosensor application), Charles-Louis AZZOPARDI (France, 10/2014 - 06/2018) (in collaboration with J.-F. MANCEAU, W. BOIREAU)
    • Resonances locales des cristaux phononiques pour biocapteur (Phononic crystal local resonance for biosesnor), Mohd farhanulhakim MOHD RAZIP WEE (France/Malaisie, 10/2014 - 09/2017) (main supervisor A. KHELIF)
    • Microfluidique Diphasique Accordable (Tunable diphasic microfluidics), Nathalie TARCHICHI (France, 03/2010 - 04/2013) (in collaboration with J.-F. MANCEAU)
    • Investigation into Periodic Sub-wavelength Structure Fabrication and their Applications, Sidharthan RAGHURAMAN (Singapore, 08/2007 - 10/2012) (in collaboration with Murukeshan V.)
    • Shape Memory Alloy for optical MEMS application, WU Mingjie (Singapore, 07/2002 - 09/2009) (in collaboration with HUANG Weimin)
    • CMOS technology for optical MEMS devices with integrated photodetector for sensor application, ZHOU YingHui (Singapore, 11/2001 - ended 11/2002)
    • Design and Fundamental Technologies for a Self-latching MEMS optical switch with moving polymer waveguide, LIU HaoBing (Singapore, 09/2001 - 07/2007)
  • MEng students (Year started - Year defense)
    • Micro/Nano process combination for tunable nanophotonics, Borriboon THUBTHIMTHONG (Singapore, 10-2007 - 01-2011) (in collaboration with Murukeshan V.)
    • Polymer optical MEMS (POEMS) for free-space optics, Mohammed ASHRAF (Singapore, 12-2004 - 10-2007) (in collaboration with YANG Chun, Charles


For describing a bit more what I'm trying to do, here is a list of the funded projects where I've been actively involved in :

  • Research grant (Country, Type of grant, Involvment, Start date - End date, Amount)
    • Nanophotonics improving substrates (NIS) for molecular imaging in cells (NIS) (France, ANR, co-PI, 10/2021 - 09/2025 €55600) (in collaboration with Fresnel Institute and IRIM, total €400148)
    • Bio-analyte sensor using acousto-fluidic in water emulsion and foam (BIAcoustic) (France, EUR EIPHI/BFC Region, PI, 10/2020 - 06/2024, €158400)
    • Plateforme Acousto-FLuidique intégréE pour CApteur BiOmédical (PAFLeCaBo) (France, LabeX ACTION, PI, 01/2018-12/2018, €26667)
    • Nouvelles filières technologiques pour la micro-nano-optique et la micro-nano-acoustique (France, Region F-C, PI, 07/2015 - 05/2017, €96556) (in collaboration with MIMENTO staff)
    • Bistable cell technology (Bisceltech) (France, FUI 20.0, co-PI, 10/2016-10/2019, €180000) (in collaboration with L. Hirsinger, P. Lemoal, G. Bourbon and external partners Eurobraille and Paris-Sorbonne)
    • Phononics for microfluidic systems (France, LabEx ACTION, PI, 01/2015 - 12/2016, €26000)
    • Plateforme micro-acousto-fluidique (Micro-acousto-fluidics platform) (France, BQR, PI, 01/2013 - 12/2014, €7200)
    • Plateforme Régionale de Micro et Nano-fabrication (France, UFC Projet d'Envergure, PI, 2013 - 2016, €200000) (in collaboration with MIMENTO staff)
    • Sub micrometric bubbles for photonic crystal (France, BQR, PI, 01/2010 - 12/2011, €8000)
    • Evanescent wave Biosensor using Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) (Singapore, SEP, PI, 02/07 - 01/09, S$81.955)
    • Etching of Functional Structures on ZnGeP2 (ZGP) (Singapore, DSO JPP, PI, 12/06 - 12/07, S$50.000) 
    • Development of Interference Lithography System for Nano-Fabrication and Application (Singapore, AcRF, PI, 11/06 - 10/09, S$183.983)
      Gratings in photoresist with IL
    • Development of 2D tunable photonic crystal for sensing and optical telecommunications (Singapore, A*STAR SERC Grant, PI, 09/05 - 08/08, S$766.940)
    • Nanoparticle based nanofabrication (Singapore, NanoCluster Seed Fund, PI, 05/05 - 04/06, S$20.000)
    • CMP for Polymeric Materials for MEMS Applications (Singapore, SimTech CRP, Collaborator, 12/04 - 12/06, S$800.000)
    • Polymer optical MEMS (POEMS) (Singapore, AcRF, PI, 11/02 - 07/07, S$131.245)
    • Processing and characterization of shape memory alloy thin films for micro-grippers with multi-degree-of-freedom and other applications (Singapore, AcRF, co-PI, 10/00 - 04/04, S$427.511)
    • Development of micro-machined optical bench technology based on photo-polymer (Singapore, SDS, PI, 04/00 - 04/01, S$10.045)
    • Development of evanescent wave MEMS optical switch (Japan, JSPS, PI, 03/95 - 03/97)
    • Development of tunable filter on lithium niobate for telecommunication (France, France Telecom, PI, 02/92 - 02/95)