Welcome / Bonjour !

I'm Franck Chollet, currently working at the Université de Franche-Comté in the Sciences and Technology department (electronics division) and doing research at the FEMTO-ST Institute.

Before landing here I've spent 9 years at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, fortress of the East, an eyelash above the equator. That was just after completing almost 2 years at IMRE, a research institute also in Singapore, in the team of Prof. A. Liu. Not long before, I stayed at the LIMMS/University of Tokyo, a French-Japanese laboratory, working with Prof. H. Fujita for 2 years... and before that I got my PhD in integrated optics from the Université de Franche-Comté (yes, the same place where I'm back now :-) working under Prof. J.-P. Goedgebuer.

My interest since at least my PhD lies in optics and microfabrication, and you can learn more about my micro and nano toys by looking under the Research tab.

The stuff !

Teaching has mostly been in electronics and MEMS for many years and I still do that as you can see under the Enseignement (Teaching) tab.

Admin tasks are a necessary evil that I perform too, particularly if I can find motivation in developping web based interface to streamline procedures, as web programming is a hobby. My main admin role is as Scientific Manager of the FEMTO-ST cleanroom. and I also participate in the management of the Master in Microsystems, Embedded Instrumentation and Robotics.