Welcome / Bonjour !

I'm Franck Chollet, currently working at the Université de Franche-Comté in the Sciences and Technology department (electronics division) and doing research at the FEMTO-ST Institute.

Before landing here I've spent 9 years at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, fortress of the East, an eyelash above the equator. That was just after completing almost 2 years at IMRE, a research institute also in Singapore, in the team of Prof. A. Liu. Not long before, I stayed at the LIMMS/University of Tokyo, a French-Japanese laboratory, working with Prof. H. Fujita for 2 years... and before that I got my PhD in integrated optics from the Université de Franche-Comté (yes, the same place where I'm back now :-) working under Prof. J.-P. Goedgebuer.

My interest since at least my PhD lies in optics and microfabrication, and you can learn more about my micro and nano toys by looking under the Research tab.

The stuff !

Teaching has mostly been in electronics and MEMS for many years and I still do that as you can see under the Enseignement (Teaching) tab. But besides addressing the students I'm also often involved in vulgarization action, like the open door at my University (JPO), the European Researcher Night (La Nuit des Chercheurs) and the national science event "La Fête de la Sciences".

In 2019 the theme was the 150 years of the Mandeleiev periodic table and I organized an exhibit on silicon and its application to microsystems (of course !) and had the chance to be interviewed by the radio station France Bleue (podcast in french)

Admin tasks are a necessary evil that I perform too, particularly if I can find motivation in developping web based interface to streamline procedures, as web programming is a hobby. My main admin role is as Scientific Manager of the FEMTO-ST cleanroom. and I also participate in the management of the Master in Microsystems, Embedded Instrumentation and Robotics.