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Internship in wave physics, master 2 level

Internship proposal


Topological phononics is blooming nowadays. The topic combines the concepts of artificial crystals for acoustic waves with group theory and topology. Of special interest is the creation of phononic crystal waveguides with desirable properties such as single-mode operation, symmetry-protection, and immunity against backscattering by defects. The internship work would include steps of theory (wave physics, topology of band structures), numerical simulation (finite elements for acoustic and elastic waves), and the achievement of demonstration experiments with underwater acoustic waves.


The internship will be devoted to implementing phononic crystal waveguides including an internal glide symmetry. Experiments will be performed using ultrasonic waves in water. Waveguide samples will be built by the intern from perforated alignment plates, obtained by laser drilling of Plexiglas. Various samples will be conceived and tested under the supervision of a third-year PhD student and his advisors. The ultimate goal is to produce publishable quality results and ideally to draft a scientific publication by the end of the internship.

Internship duration : 5 to 6 months from February 2022 

The gratification is at the legal rate (~550 €/month), for a period of 6 months maximum. The candidate can send a CV, a cover letter motivating the application, and the transcript of grades for the last two years by email. The search for a candidate will continue until a suitable application is accepted.

Doctoral position (PhD) (closed June 2019)

Dynamical study of mechanical metamaterials for ultrasonics

We are looking for a motivated student willing to pursue a PhD in the fields of phononics and acoustic metamaterials. For more information, please refer to the full project description subject.


Doctoral position (PhD) (closed, 2016

(Position now closed): Surface Coupled Phononic Resonators

We are looking for a motivated student willing to pursue a PhD in the fields of phononics and mechanical resonators. Interested candidates should have a good background in general physics and a strong inclination towards experimental research. The PhD project will involve numerical simulations, clean room technology and metrology aspects. For more information, please refer to the full project description here.


Associate professor position (closed, 2016)

The 2016 campaign of the Université de Franche-Comté is closed. An associate professor was hired as 63 MCF 0195 with title "Phononic crystals, acoustic metamaterials, microscopy".

Please note that all documents for application are in French. Further useful links are given below (for information only, the position is now closed):