Vincent Laude's homepage

I am a CNRS full-time senior researcher (directeur de recherche CNRS). CNRS stands for Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, a French public research institution dedicated to the advancement of science.

I am hosted by the FEMTO-ST Institute, Micro Nano Sciences & Systems (MN2S) department, in Besançon, France. FEMTO-ST stands for Franch-County Electronics Mechanics Thermics Optics - Sciences & Technologies. I am a member of the research group Phononics and Microscopy and the head of the MN2S department. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information or for collaborations.

My research interest is about "waves" in a broad sense, with an emphasis on acoustic and optical waves and their interactions, especially in micro and nano-structures (phononic and photonic crystals).

If you are looking for the pdf of a paper I have authored, please have a look at the right hand side menus (under Curriculum). I have divided the list into four main topics to minimize scrolling. Alternatively, look for Vincent Laude's publications on Google Scholar. The pdf of most of my articles are linked there from this website.

The second edition of my book Phononic Crystals: Artificial Crystals for Sonic, Acoustic, and Elastic Waves appeared in June 2020 and is published by Deguyter. The monography covering the topic from the very basics. Hope you enjoy it! While the book is obviously for sale, I am offering finite element scripts that can be run with the open-source software FreeFem++; those scripts cover a large number of models for acoustic and elastic waves, and sonic and phononic crystals. Look at the FF++ SCRIPTS page.


My present research interests: phononics, phoxonics, and metamaterials

  • An introduction to phononic crystals on my laboratory's website.
    See also my most recent general presentation of phononic crystals.
  • Opto-acoustics and phoxonic crystals, aka simultaneous photonic and phononic crystals. Have a look at this introductory paper (in French) for some information regarding this field of research.
  • Phonons in microstructured optical fibers (photonic crystal fibers) and electrostriction. How to steer sound with light.
  • Wave propagation in periodic and anisotropic media, including piezoelectric media.
A coupled-resonator phononic crystal waveguide
Guidance of acoustic phonons along a chain of coupled cavities in a phononic crystal. Cavities are formed by defects in the hexagonal-lattice crystal. The excitation frequency of the source on the left lies within a complete band gap of the cristal, prohibiting the propagation of phonons away from cavities. At the exit of the waveguide, to the right, waves are re-emitted as if from a point source.

My past research interests (optical signal processing)

I am not active anymore in the following fields.

  • Optical correlation
  • Spatial light modulators and wavefront sensing
  • Ultrashort laser pulses and chirped mirrors