Virtual Chimera

Virtual chimera are found in nonlinear delay dynamics...


experimental chimera in DDE


First (invited) talk about this very recent research activity at FEMTO-ST, was given in Snowbird, Utah, May 19th 2013, during the Mini-Symposium MS4 organized by E. Schöll and Y. Maistrenko, at the SIAM conference on Dynamical Systems. Apparently appreciated, very first observation of Chimera-like patterns in delay dynamical systems. The talk can be downloaded here.


This work started in November 2012, thanks to the support of the Region Franche-Comté for an invited professor position for Yuri Maistrenko, together with a Master degree internship by Bogdan Penkovsky from Kiev. It became rapidly a fascinating and successful new research direction, with surprising experimental demonstration... to be continued


The subject is closely connected to the neuromorphic activities, and thus to the DEMO 3 of the labex ACTION, through the investigation of novel computational approaches making use of the complexity of dynamical systems (see also the FP7 PHOCUS project, and the space-time analogy of delay dynamics used to emulate neural networks via delay dynamics).