FEMTO-ST collaborators

The first collaborator is of course... my PhD advisor! He has never been really member of the FEMTO-ST institute, since he left the academia (for a brilliant continuated professional carrier in the private sector), before the institute creation in 2004. He was, and still is, a great mentor for me from a professional viewpoint, but additionally to this he is also an estimated and very good friend. I hope he won't be too embarrassed to occupy the first place here, but he is definitely the first guilty person for this position.

By chronological order as co-author:


Jean-Marc Merolla (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)


Yanne Chembo (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)


Pierre-Ambroise Lacourt (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)


Maxime Jacquot (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)


John Dudley (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)


Enrico Rubiola (Time & Frequency Dpt.)


Christophe Guyeux (DISC Dpt.)


Daniel Brunner (Optics Dpt., OPTO group)