Selected Research Publications

You can access a near-complete publication list following the Publications icon on the bar at the top of the page or by clicking here.  On this page I have gathered a selection of papers and links, including recent papers but also some of my older papers that I consider especially important (or that I just happen to like.) Clicking on the title of these papers will either direct you to the publisher's website or (when allowed by the publisher) will launch the direct download of the paper.

Recent Papers

Real-time measurements of spontaneous breathers and rogue wave events in optical fibre modulation instability
M. Narhi, B. Wetzel, C. Billet, S.Toenger, T. Sylvestre, J.-M. Merolla, R. Morandotti, F. Dias, G. Genty, J. M. Dudley
Nature Communications 7, 13675 (2016)

Experimental Generation of Riemann Waves in Optics: A Route to Shock Wave Control
B. Wetzel, D. Bongiovanni, M. Kues, Y. Hu, Z. Chen, S. Trillo, J. M. Dudley, S. Wabnitz, R. Morandotti
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 073902 (2016)

Real world ocean rogue waves explained without the modulational instability
F. Fedele, J. Brennan, Sonia Ponce De Leon, J. M. Dudley, F. Dias
Scientific Reports 6, 27715 (2016)

Ghost imaging in the time domain
P. Ryczkowski, M. Barbier, A. T. Friberg, J. M. Dudley, G. Genty
Nature Photonics 10, 167-170 (2016)

Rogue Waves of Light
J. M. Dudley, M. Erkintalo, G. Genty
Optics and Photonics News, 26 (11) 34-41 (2015)

Caustics and Rogue Waves in an Optical Sea
A. Mathis, L. Froehly, S. Toenger, F. Dias, G. Genty, J. M. Dudley
Scientific Reports 5, 12822 10.1038/srep12822 (2015)

Emergent rogue wave structures and statistics in spontaneous modulation instability
S. Toenger, T. Godin, C. Billet, F. Dias, M. Erkintalo, G. Genty, J. M. Dudley
Scientific Reports 5, 10380 doi:10.1038/srep10380 (2015)

Instabilites, Breathers and Rogue Waves in Optics
J. M. Dudley, F. Dias, M. Erkintalo, G. Genty
Nature Photonics 8, 755-764 (2014)

Older Papers

Arbitrary nonparaxial accelerating periodic beams and spherical shaping of light
A. Mathis, F. Courvoisier, R. Giust, L. Furfaro, M. Jacquot, L. Froehly, J. M. Dudley
Optics Letters 38, 2218-2220 (2013)