Ongoing projects

Silica Nanofiber Platform

We have technological facilities to fabricate very long tapered optical fiber (Nanofiber) and to post processing silica optical fiber.

We have homemade metrology method to characterize in-situ the quality of Nanofiber

EUR Graduate School EIPHI
Pre-Maturation CNRS

Completed projects

 Maturation avec la SATT Sayens
Regional Funding FAMOUS Project. In this project we propose to develop optical fiber point sensor based on functionalization of optical microwires.
ANR FUNFILM Project (2016-2020). In  this project we propose to validate this approach, starting from the improvement of the nanofibre pulling machine, their encapsulation for protection and easy handling, their functionalization with non-linear materials until the demonstration of reliable components selected for their high technical requirements in a large diversity of domains.
Project on WP2 and WP3 in Labex ACTION (since 2013)

OASIS (2014-2018) is a project funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, France-Switzerland) and lead by myself. The objective of this research is to design integrated fibre components for all optical signal processing based on subwavelength diameter optical fibres (microwires and small core photonic crystal fiber) that offer unique and unmatched features to enhance opto-acoustic interaction. 

Action COST 1401 : Advanced fibre laser and coherent source as tools for society, manufacturing and lifescience (2016-2020)

This Action will be the first arena where experts in fundamental material science, established laser and component groups, fibre laser manufacturers and end-users will be able to actively interact, share know-how and focus on common goals

TAILPHOX was a FET-open European project funded under the FP7. TAILPHOX stands for TAILoring photon-phonon interaction in silicon PHOXonic crystals. (2009-2012)

  Interreg IVa: CD-FOM (2008-2011)

Capteurs Distribuées à Fibre optiques microstrucutrées

Action COST 299 : Optical Fibres for New Challenges Facing the Information Society (2008-2010)

He purpose of this Action is to trigger an interaction between complementary partners in the field of fibre optics: fibre manufacturers, modelling specialists and theorists, system designers, metrologists and end users.