Open Positions

 Post Doc in photons / phonons interaction in tapered silica optical fibers

The nonlinear optics group of the FEMTO-ST research institute at the University of Franche-Comté currently has a vacancy for a postdoctoral position working in the development of optical microfibers in view of potential applications to all-optical signal processing, lasers and optical sensors based on Brillouin scattering and related opto-acoustic
interactions. This project aims to investigate the remarkable opto-acoustic interactions in these tiny optical
waveguides to create novel optical processing techniques, compact narrow-linewidth lasers or ultrasensitive
optical sensorsand to achieve state-of-the-art characteristics.

The candidate must have a Ph. D in Physics or a related discipline, published research, extensive experience
in experimental optics, nonlinear optics and laser physics, knowledge in acoustics, experience with
numerical simulations and theoretical modelling, and experience in presenting seminars at conferences.
Interested candidates should send an enquiry, a CV including a list of publications and names and
addresses of referees to me at