2D plasmas in graphene

This activity was started recently. It aims at benefiting of the single atom thickness of graphene to remove propagation effects in laser-matter interaction. The very high mobility of free-carriers in graphene provides a unique system to observe and manipulate the movement of a free-carrier plasma on non-negligible distances.

  • Ultrafast laser processing of isolated micro and nano-disks in graphene with single or few pulses. Raman spectroscopy analysis
  • Demonstration of a strong drop in ablation probability of graphene at sub-micron dimensions. We have shown the importance of free-carrier diffusion.


Deviation from threshold model in ultrafast laser ablation of graphene at sub-micron scale
A. Gil-Villalba, C. Xie, R. Salut, L. Furfaro, R. Giust, M. Jacquot, P. A. Lacourt, J. M. Dudley,and F. Courvoisier,
Applied Physics Letters,  in print

Femtosecond laser fabrication of micro and nano-disks in single layer graphene using vortex Bessel beams
B. Wetzel, C. Xie, P.-A. Lacourt, J. M. Dudley, and F. Courvoisier
Applied Physics Letters, 103, 241111 (2013)

New technique of ablation threshold determination (Gil-Villalba, APL 2015)