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Zhongliang Li (李忠亮)

Junior Professor Chair, Electrical Engineering and Automation

Research Institution FEMTO-ST, University of Franche-Comte, France.

Address: FEMTO-ST/Energie, 13, Rue Ernest Thierry-Mieg, 90010 Belfort Cedex France

Email: zhongliang.li@univ-fcomte.fr or zhongliang.li@femto-st.fr

Personal website: www.zhongliangli.site

About my research interests

Regarding the advances in both automation and information domains, especially those involving « Artificial Intelligence (AI) », the current operations of energy systems are nevertheless far from « intelligent ». Meanwhile, when we try to penetrate the recent exciting developments in automation and information into those energy systems, new problems often rise up and challenge the regular thoughts and state-of-the-art implementation techniques. My research interests are therefore oriented to bridge the gap between the intelligent methodology development and application in energy systems. Particularly, hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysers have been the main objects to conduct my research. I believe that this research should be one of worldwide key scientific subjects in the ongoing and next decades. For more details about my research, you are all welcome to consult my « Research » and « Publications » pages.