Research activities

Over the past 15 years I have worked on various topics, going back and forth between some of them:

  • I begun to work on discrete dynamical systems and high performance computing;
  • Then I investigated the use optimization methods, first to improve the lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and second to predict the evolution of genomes in bioinformatics;
  • Finally, I studied the use of artificial neural networks to solve different prediction and classification tasks. From 2008 up to 2012, the considered network architecture was the multilayer perceptron, while since 2015 I am interested in deep learning ones and Reservoir Computing.

Graduate supervision

Co-supervision of 8 PhD - 4 completed  PhD and four currently under supervision

  1. 2019-10 - 202X.X / Ralph Karam - in progress
    • Dissertation: Automatic detection of business data anomalies with deep learning and application to the ADS-B protocol
  2. 2019.06 - 2022.X / Jean-Marc Alkazzi - in progress
    • Dissertation: Towards autonomous factories with multi-agent reinforcement learning
  3. 2019.04 - 2022.X / Jérôme Meyer - in progress
    •  Disertation: Virtualization and automation of assemblyline design
  4. 2018.11 - 2021.11 / Zhihao Chen - in progress
    • Dissertation: Deep learning for automatic detection and quantification of the disease areas of the myocardium from DE-MRI after myocardial infarction
  5. 2012.12 - 2015.12 / Bassam Alkindy
    • Dissertation: Combining Approaches for Predicting Genomic Evolution
    • Placement: Assistant Professor at University of Mustansiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq
  6. 2012.09 - 2015.10 / Ali Khadum Idrees
    • Dissertation: Distributed Coverage Optimization Techniques for Improving Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Placement: Professor at University of Babylon, Iraq
  7. 2008.09 - 2011.09 / Rémy Laurent
    • Dissertation: Simulation du mouvement pulmonaire personnalisé par réseau de neurones artificiels pour la radiothérapie externe
    • Placement: Working in a private company
  8. 2003.09 - 2007.06 / Amine Abbas
    • Dissertation: Optimisation de la durée de vie d'un réseau de capteurs
    • Placement: Working in a private company

Co-supervision of 7 Master of Science internships

  1. 2018.02 - 2018.09 / David Roche
    • Dissertation: Deep learning pour la conception d'une intelligence artificielle pour un jeu abstrait
  2. 2018.02 - 2018.08 / Pierre Feilles
    • Dissertation: Etude et mise en oeuvre d'une approche de type deep learning pour segmenter automatiquement le myocarde
  3. 2017.02 - 2017.09 / Pierre Primet 
    • Dissertation: Etude et mise en oeuvre d'une approche de type deep learning comme outil d'aide à la détection d'une pathologie
  4. 2015.02 - 2015.09 / Nils Schaetti
    • Dissertation: Reservoir Computing: Etude theorique et pratique en reconnaissance de chiffres manuscrits
    • Placement: PhD student at Computer Science department (IIUN) of the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  5. 2015.02 - 2015.09 / Jad Nassar
    • Dissertation: Parallelization of a Simulation Code for Neuromorphic Computing
    • Placement: was a PhD student at INRIA FUN Team, Lille, until October 2018 when he defended his thesis
  6. 2010.02 - 2010.10 / Arnaud Aubert
    • Dissertation: Contrôle actif d'écoulements aérodynamiques par réseaux de neurones
  7. 2003.02 - 2003.09 / Amine Abbas
    • Dissertation: Mixage synchronisme/asynchronisme dans les réseaux d'automates finis discrets

External research funding

Over the past years I was involved in writing proposals for several calls, in particular calls for proposals from the French National Research Agency (ANR). Aonther important funding program for several projects in which I am involved is the ISITE-BFC program.


  1. Member of the ADCOMRI project which was submitted to the AAPG 2019 and 2020
  2. Member of the GeLeaD project which was successfully submitted to the 2018 Specific Support for Defence Research Projects and Innovation (ASTRID) program
  3. Coordinator of the APACHE project which was submitted to the 2013 Specific Support for Defence Research Projects and Innovation (ASTRID) program
  4. Member of the JCJC (coordinated by a young researcher) MAPGEN project which was submitted to 2012 call for proposals
  5. Member of the CrypSKOD project which was submitted to 2006 SETIN call

ISITE-BFC Calls for proposals

  1. Member of the HoloNet project submitted for funding by the AAP Region I-SITE 2020
  2. Member of the ADVANCES project which was successfully submitted to the Second ISITE-BFC call for proposals Industry Joint projects) in November 2017


  1. Coordinator for the french part of the SHOwCASe project submitted to the PRC CNRS-Royal Society 2018 call

Reviewing activities

Reviewer for international journals

  • To be completed

Reviewer for international conferences

  • To be completed