Research Projects

NeuroQNet (Volkswagen Foundation)

Illustration of photonic Neural Networks in laser arrays

The main objective (OI) of NeuroQNet is to implement Reservoir Computing (RC), a neuro-inspired information processing scheme, in an optical network of nano-structures. Quantum Dot (QD) micropillar arrays (QDMPA) (OII) will be connected in an all-optical networks including 100s of such emitters (OIII). The project is based upon an interdisciplinary approach: the Neuromorphic computation is based on Reservoir Computing, QDMPAs provide the neural hardware and diffractive coupling will form the network to implement the neuro-inspired scheme (see Figure).

The project NeuroQNet was funded under the Integration of Molecular Components in Functional Macroscopic Systems initiative of the Volkswagen Stiftung (Volkswagen Foundation). The project duration is three years, being funded from 01.01.2016 until the 31.12.2018. Principle investigators are Prof. Reitzensein at the TU-Berlin, Germany, and me here at FEMTO-ST. Within the project framework, we strongly collaborate with Prof. Ingo Fischer at the IFISC, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

NOVALIS (Marie-Curie IEF)

The Marie Curie IEF NOVALIS project (Project # 275840) aimed at realizing a Liquid-State-Machine (LSM) based on multiple semiconductor lasers serving as nonlinear nodes. The LSM represents a novel machine learning concept, also referred to as Reservoir-Computing (RC) or nonlinear transient computing. Central to the concept is the realisation of a network of nonlinear nodes, in which the information to be processed induces complex nonlinear transient dynamics. A linear weighted sum of the individual transients provide the result of the desired computation.