Theses and dissertations


  • PhD Thesis: Process migration and load balancing in distributed operating systems


Managing processor allocation in distributed memory computers must be done in a transparent way to virtualize

the global execution resource. This implies, from the operating system view point, to provide functionalities and

policies for global scheduling. I have implemented a process migration facility in the Chorus Distributed operating

system as the base for process placement for multicomputers. Then, I have implemented a load balancing algorithm

in a dedicated server. This new service hides the processor distribution by automatically placing the processes on

lightly loaded nodes and achieves the global scheduling goal.

The document, in french : PhD Thesis




  • HDR Thesis: Load balancing for objects and components in CORBA


However, developing load balancing tools in operating systems kernel is not possible in every system. The load

balancing policy efficiency depends on the application if performance improvement is targeted. Including this

functionality directly in the operating systems kernel implies a general policy which can not be adapted to each

application. Moreover, process migration is rather costly and must not be used for every process. Just long lived

processes may benefit form migration.


Object migration is less costly as the object size is smaller. We have experimented object migration and load

balancing in CORBA. My work concentrates on load balancing policy adaptation to application and

components constraints. We have show that taking several information into account in the load balancing

decision may lead to important performance improvements.

The document, in french : HDR Thesis