• Research interests:
      • Scheduling under power constraints
      • Scheduling parallel applications on the grid, the cloud and more generaly heterogeneous platforms
      • Parallel multi-agent systems
      • Steady-state scheduling on heterogeneous distributed platfroms as grids and micro-factories
      • Fault-Tolerant scheduling for micro-factories
      • Multi-Agent systems on parallel platforms
      • DST: the Distributed Spanning Tree, an overlay to communicate and look up services on large p2p networks ( simulator )
    • Research responsabilities:
      • Head of the  DEODIS research team at FEMTO-ST
      • Leader of the DECALCO project (Project founded by Region Bourgogne - Franche - Comté)

Research reports :

Scheduling independent tasks in parallel under  power constraints, research RR-power-constraint-2017