Tacos Plus

The archive file new.zip contains programs and examples to check some invariance properties. Concerning source file, if you want to run them, you need some general Scheme definitions present in MlBibTeX's library, present in MlBibTeX's source files. You also need Saxon as an XSLT and XQuery processor. More precisely, source files are organised as follows:

  • new/new.scm general definitions,
  • new/rft-check.scm definitions concerning the check of the refinement property; examples given are related to an HTTP server: Server.txml and ServerRaffine.txml;
  • new/other-checks.scm definitions for checking some invariance properties.

Most of these files include some functions that will alllow you to launch some tests. If you want to run these files, copy them, and change the localisation of the `new' new directory at the beginning of each file.

This is a first version. Improvements are in progress, for programs, examples... as well as this introductive manual. You can write to jmhuffle@femto-st.fr for more details.