Rchic is a package for R that implements most of the tools of the Statistical Implicative Analysis.

Rchic is currently in development.


Windows users can download the project here :   rchic for windows  version 0.27 (it is compiled for R 3.5.2)

Mac OS users can download the project here : rchic for mac os version 0.27 (it is compiled for R 3.5). You must also install XQuartz

In order to use rchic, some packages are required:

  • stringr (available in the R packages)
  • tcltk2 (available in the R packages)
  • Rcpp (available in the R packages)
Linux and MacOS can simply recompile the project available on github
You will need to install the package roxygen2
For the windows users interested by recompiling the source, you need to install Rtools
After installation, you need to load the library with:
And you can use rchic with:
rchic() and select the computation you want in the Rchic menu.
Then you need to use a file .csv as in chic. Here are some examples: animaux.csv