Theses and dissertations

Summary of my PhD (Fresnel Institute) "Metamaterials for Surface Plasmons":

The work which has been presented in this thesis includes different appealing subjects of optics such as metamaterials, transformational optics, photonic crystals, negative refraction and thermo-plasmonic interactions. In this manuscript we have developed several metamaterials for Surface Plasmon Polaritons based on the transformational optics.

Firstly we have demonstrated theoretically, numerically and experimentally some SPP cloaking devices. Secondly, we have demonstrated SPP negative refraction using the concept of space folding then with some dielectric metamaterial, flat and anisotropic SPP lenses. Additionaly we have demonstrated that subwavelength checkerboard structured thick gold films have demonstrated an extra-ordinary transmission over the visble range of frequencies.

Finally, we have investigated a general multiphysics problem to mix optics and thermally induced effects. We have been able to show that playing with the amplitude of an electromagnetic wave or a pulse, we can induce a gradient of temperature and control heat of a plasmonic device.

Illustrative pictures: