Research activities

Research interests

  • Scheduling and Load Balancing,
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms,
  • Dependability: Reliability and Fault tolerance,
  • Iterative Algorithms,
  • Sensor Networks,
  • ...

Ph.D. Cosupervising

W. ElGhazel : Wireless sensor networks for Industrial health assessment based on a random forest approach

A. Farhat : Use of Wireless Sensor Networks for Operational Safety and Industrial Prognosis

F. Hammad :  Distributed optimization algorithms for load balancing in dynamic networks

R.Mansour : Energy-efficiency and coverage quality management for under ground/water wireless sensor networks UWSN

A. Semmoud : Fault tolerant load balancing in distributed systems

Program committee member, Editorial board member & Session chair

Editorial/Topics board member - Sensors Journal

PRICAI 2023:
The 20th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. November 17 - 19, 2023 
Jakarta, Indonesia. (PC Member) 

HiPC 2010:
The 17th International Conference on High Performance Computing, Dec. 19 - 22,
2010, Cidade de Goa in Goa, India. (PC Member)

The 26th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and
Applications, March 26-29, 2012, Fukuoka, Japan. (PC Member)

Sensornets 2014:
The 3rd International Conference on Sensor Networks, January 7-9, 2014, Lisbon,
Portugal. (PC Member)

Sensornets 2015:
The 4th International Conference on Sensor Networks, Angers, February 11-13,
2015 France. (PC Member)

IEEE INFOCOM Workshops CCSNA 2018:
INFOCOM-CCSNA Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications,
15-19 April 2018, Honolulu, HI, USA. (PC Member)

ICPP 2008:
The 37th International Conference on Parallel Processing, Portland, Oregon, USA.
September 8-12, 2008. (Session chair)

GPC 2007:
International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing, Paris, France, May 2-4,
2007. (Session chair)

Some seminars & talks 

PDCAT'10. December 2010, Wuhan, China.
A New Reliable and Self-Stabilizing Data Fusion Scheme in Unsafe Wireless Sensor Networks

Workshop Inria-Illinois Petascale Computing Joint Lab, June 2009, Paris.
Asynchronous iterative algorithms & Reliability

EuroPar'09. August 2009, Delft, Pays Bas.
Reliable Parallel Programming Model for Distributed Computing Environments

ICPP'08. September 2008, Portland, Oregan, USA.
Realistic Models and Efficient Algorithms for Fault Tolerant Scheduling on Heterogeneous Platforms

Seminar GRAAL, LIP ENS Lyon, June 2008
Sûreté de fonctionnement et ordonnancement (Dependability and Scheduling)

Seminar PopArt, LIG Grenoble, April 2008
Dependability (Fault Tolerance & Reliability) and Scheduling on Heterogeneous Platforms

ICPP'07. September 2007, Xian, China.
Reliability and Scheduling on Systems Subject to Failures

Seminar MAO - Algorithmes pour la grille et Ordonnancement, Grenoble. November 2007.
Reliability and Scheduling on Systems Subject to Failures

Rencontres francophones du Parallélisme 2006. Perpignan, France, October 2006.
A Biobjective Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Systems Subject to Failures

IPDPS'05. April 2005, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Dynamic Critical Path Scheduling Parallel Programs onto Multiprocessors.

PDCS'05. November 2005, Phoenix, AZ, USA.
Efficient Critical Task Scheduling Parallel Programs on a Bounded Number of Processors.

ISADS'04. January 2004, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexique.
A New OnLine Scheduling Algorithm in Distributed RealTime System.

Seminar - INSA de Lyon, March 2007.
Ordonnancement fiable et distribué temps réel.

Seminar - OCAD, LIPN Université Paris Nord. March 2006.
Ordonnancement dans les systèmes multiprocesseurs et distribués temps réel.

Seminar - OCAD, LIPN Université Paris Nord. February 2004.  
Ordonnancement distribué des tâches temps réel.