My work in operations research consist in modeling complex problemes in various application areas (air, telecommunication, medicine, compilation, physics ,...). My job is to provide original models and solution algorithms for problems related to following themes:

At Laboratory PRISM (before 2009 - Past research interests) :

  • Problem of periodic scheduling with storage minimisation

  • Pricing and traffic assignment in transportation networks and telecommunication
  • Optimization problems in brachytherapy

  • Electricity problems (cutting planes for mixed integer 0-1 problems)

At FEMTO-ST Institute (since 2009) :

  • Optimization problems in sensor networks (deployment, coverage, minimization of energy consumption, routing)

  • Optimization and energy management of an electric hybrid embedded system
  • Active control in fluid mechanics (Using a neural network as an alternative to CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics)

I am interested both in developing theoretical results to solving real problems in the context of industrial contracts or institutional (ARC PRIXNET, Hopital Pitie Salpetriere,  CIFRE RTE). My works use different approaches:  complexity, neural networks, inverse optimization, bi-level program, resolution by exact methods (simplex, branch and bound, cutting planes, Lagrangian relaxation, decomposition ,...) or by heuristics (simulated annealing, tabu, genetic algorithms ,...).

Work in brachytherapy and cutting methods have also carried on the analysis and use of existing software (linear programming solvers  (trade or open-source) : CPLEX, XPRESS, GLPK, lpsolve, COIN OSI,  BOBPP). Through this research, I worked on the development and implementation of software in C + +: Isodose 3D brachytherapy, GLOP for the integration of cutting planes in the Linear Programming solvers.