Academic career

Important dates

September 1st, 2014 - Kick-off of the Master of Engineering in Computer Science

January 1st, 2012
- The former LIFC (computer science laboratory) is integrated into the FEMTO-ST institute as a new departement named Département d'Informatique des Systèmes Complexes (DISC).

September 1st, 2007 - Recruited as assistant professor at the Université de Franche-Comté, in Besançon

  • since sept. 2012: responsible of the Bachelor in Computer Science diploma at the Université de Franche-Comté
  • teaching duties: programming (BCS 1st year, 2007-), object-oriented modeling and design (BCS 3rd year, 2007-), testing (MCS 2nd year, 2009-), database (BCS 1st year, 2007-), software engineering (MCS 1st year, 2007-2009), web languages (BCS 2nd year, 2009-)

October 1st, 2006 - Starting of a postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble

  • Research themes: security modelling and testing using B notation, combinatorial testing with the Tobias-2 tool
  • Teaching: compilation project, PHP/MySQL with AJAX projects

July 19th, 2006 - PhD defence.

Dissertation entitled Évaluation symbolique à contraintes pour la validation - Application à Java/JML, defended in front of the jury:

  • President: Jacques Julliand, Professeur (Univ. Franche-Comté).
  • Reviewers: Yves Ledru, Professeur (Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble I), Christine Paulin-Mohring, Professeur (Univ. Paris XI).
  • Examiners: Bernard Botella, Ingénieur (THALES Systèmes Aéroportés).
  • Supervisors: Bruno Legeard, Professeur (Univ. Franche-Comté), Fabrice Bouquet, Maître de Conférences HDR (Univ. Franche-Comté).

October 1st, 2003 - Starting of a PhD at the LIFC - Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon

  • Research themes: model based testing, Java Modeling Language, constraint solving, symbolic evaluation.
  • Teaching: imperative programming, functional programming, web languages, logical programming.