Research Area

I'm full professeur in computer sciences at University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté at FEMTO-ST Institue. Since 1999 with my PhD defense, my research area is around the model-based testing. I'm writing a book about the challenges of the test industrialisation with Bruno Legeard and Natacha Pickaert in Dunod Edition and more than 90 scientific articles. I'm interesting in 5 mains topics :

  • to study and to define semantic of modeling languages.
  • to model for test purpose by adaptation and interpretation of modeling languages in the context of Model-Based Testing.
  • to develop interpretation algorithms using constraint logic programming and SMT proof technology.
  • to define test selection criteria for Model-Based Testing with model structural coverage criteria or (security) properties / scenarios.
  • to explore Model-Based Testing process and aspects of software engineering related to the integration with engineering activities and requirements management and test automation.

I'm also exploring the model usage in System Multi-Agent.

Books (in french) :

"Industrialiser le test fonctionnel" première édition "Des exigences métier au référentiel de tests automatisés" "Industrialiser le test fonctionnel" deuxième édition "Pour maitriser les risques métier et accroître l'efficacité du test"