Theses and dissertations

Phd Thesis in Engineering Science (22 December 2002)

Necking/bursting and wrinkling modelling and simulation during thin sheet stamping and thin tube hydroforming


  • D. Banabic, Prof. at Cluj-Napoca University (Romania)
  • M. Brunet, Prof. at I.N.S.A. Lyon (France)
  • F. Moussy,  Renault at Rueil-Malmaison (France)
  • P. Picart, Prof. at Franche-Comté University (France)
  • Co-directeur de thèse: J. C. Gelin, Prof.  at E.N.S.M.M. Besançon (France)
  • Co-directrice de thèse: N. Boudeau, Asst Prof at E.N.S.M.M. Besançon (France)

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