Research Topics

My research focuses on the fundamental investigation of nonlinear effects in tiny optical fibers (fiber tapers, photonic crystal fibers) and their applications to all-optical signal processing for future ultrafast telecommunication systems, fiber lasers, optical fiber sensors, spectroscopy, and metrology. My work is more specifically devoted to the following topics:

  • The development of ultrafast fiber lasers using novel mode-locking techniques based on soliton and four-wave mixing,

  • The supercontinuum generation from ultraviolet to mid-infrared in optical fibers and photonic crystal fibers,

  • The study and design of fiber optical parametric amplifiers for telecommunications and other applications,

  • The Brillouin light-sound interaction in microstructured optical fibers and optical microwires,

  • The nonlinear dynamics of spatial optical solitons in nonlinear Kerr media,

Our research projects are conducted with many national and international collaborations and most of our projects are funded by different agencies (ANR, Labex European Projects, franche-comté Region, University, and industrial partners).