Chaire of Excellence, Labex ACTION

 Strain and Chemical engineering of structural and physical properties of alkaline niobate/tantalate single crystals, films, heterostructures & nanostructures for miniaturized and/or integrated devices with better performance in acoustics, optics and energy harvesting. 

Development of cost-effective synthesis routes/ treatments with scale-up potential viable for  industrial applications/mass production of advanced functional materials with designed physical properties.

ResearcherID Q-9005-2017Google Scholar

Group Outing, La cascade des Tufs, Jura, June 2017: (from left to right) Antonio Cavallaro, Gabriel Barrientos-Rodriguez, Samuel Margueron, Sarah Griesse-Nascimento, Ausrine Bartasyte, Stefania Oliveri, Sabina Kuprenaite, Anthony Almirall, and Vincent AstiĆ©.
Group photo, July 2017: (from left to right) Vincent AstiĆ©, Antonio Cavallaro, Samuel Margueron, Aurelio Borzi, Sarah Griesse-Nascimento, Ausrine Bartasyte, Anthony Almirall, Stefania Oliveri, Gabriel Barrientos-Rodriguez.